Monday, December 8, 2014

*Hello Monday*

Well hello Monday! Hard to believe that we meet again! The idea of "Hello Monday" seems to be helping with my attitude when it comes to Monday. Maybe that is the point.

This week I am saying hello to:

Secret Santa
This probably has to be one of my favorite weeks of school! My favorite part is seeing what everyone gets from their Secret Santa. We have some pretty creative people on staff and all the gifts are always so fun and cute! I like the secretive element also! I can never guess correctly who has me.

Trip to the salon
Since my mother gave me her gray hair gene, I visit my beauty magician about once a month. I always look forward to my time in the chair. Kendra and I spend the whole time laughing and I always walk out looking great with all my gray hairs gone!

25 Miles
I am working on my next badge with my fitbit, which is 500 miles. I am hoping to get 25 miles this week. Thanks to one special student, I get about a mile in each day during recess. One day I wasn't going to walk, but she made me. That's my kind of workout buddy!

And last, but not least...
Christmas Break Countdown Continued
Nine days to go! Still lots to do during those nine days, but fun will be had!

Happy new week my friends! What are you saying hello to this week? See what others are saying hello to at Lisa Leonard Designs

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