Monday, December 15, 2014

*Hello Monday*

Hello Monday!  Here is what all I said hello to today!
Hello Snow Day
Yep, our first of the year! I got the call at 5:25 this morning. Funny thing was, I didn't think anything of it when the phone started ringing. I guess I didn't have much hope/faith it was going to happen. When I saw who it was, I knew right away!
This was taken from my front door. The snow is about half way up my door and the drift to the left is probably up to my hip. TED had to work hard to get out of the drive way!
Hello Massage
I don't care what the reason is, I love getting a massage! I find it amazing how well I feel when it is over. It cuts down my colds in half, makes me feel better and doggone it, it feels so good! I went this time because with all this coughing I have been doing, my back and neck were sore and out of place. That woman's hands have been blessed by God himself!
Hello Russian Tea
Probably one of my favorite drinks when I am not feeling well. It has such a soothing affect on my throat and the doctor said to drink warm stuff. I can do that! I bought this from a student who is selling them for her 4-H club.

Did you get a snow day today? What do you say hello to?


  1. Yum Russian Tea. I may have to make some this weekend! I finally have all the parts to my food processor in one place. No snow day for Alex or me. But you've already heard those adventures. :-)

    1. Glad those adventures didn't turn out too crazy!