Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Darkness Surrounded By Bright Stars

Everyone on Facebook is posting their screen shots of their weather bug, and I was starting to feel left out! It has warmed up a good twenty degrees from their pictures to mine. It is a cold one. Timehop tells me that on this day last year I was in the car with the a.c on and threatening to pull out the Chacos! Not so much today! I have on my new homemade socks from my doggie boyfriends!
I am cuddled up on the couch with 80's and 90's country, my clocking ticking away and a new soup recipe in the crock pot.
I had my cup of chai with of A.J and Maya and then filled out my new calendars! It isn't too bad of a way to end the year!

I didn't really want to do an end of the year/new year post, but there are just too many thoughts about the two.

While filling out my calendar and my day planner, I was reminded of all the things that have happened this past year. I can't really say that it was a good one. I had several big events that changed my world and have caused lots of adjustments.

I struggled greatly during the second semester of the school year.
My dear friends from the ranch moved, taking my biggest comfort zone with them.
My OMM left us here to navigate the waters without her wisdom, insight, love and patience.
My summer was stolen from me by my back.
My best friend and teaching partner announced her departure from the dynamic duo of fourth grade.

Each of these things have and still do bring me to tears from time to time and I am still dealing/struggling with them.

Yet, I can't just look at the bad/painful events of the year. While looking at these events, I notice the good that surround them.

During the school year, I was touched by several students who have forever impacted my life.
I was honored to give the speech at the 5th grade graduation.
I now have a place to go and visit and explore in Wyoming. I am reminded that distance doesn't always destroy a friendship and social media is helpful!
In the time before and after OMM passed, I got to show her love and how much she meant to me. The love and support that was given to me during this time was heart warming. I have been blessed with memories and lessons that will be with me always.
My back issues, showed me the friends that take care of me when needed and will take care of me. I am never in need of a mother figure! Also, my chiropractor and his receptionist are pretty much the coolest ever and I love seeing them!

And finally, the one with more to still come. Kris Shutts. 
I can't imagine teaching without you. I am going to be lost. I don't even know my own Teachers Pay Teachers log in and password! I only know yours. I realized yesterday that it will be like losing a spouse. I will be reminded next fall of all the little things that you took care of. The best thing about the past seven years with you is the friendship/bond that we have formed. I am going to burn through lots of Audible books (from you account) on my trips back and forth to visit.

I have made new friends, spent time with old, laughed with family, gained new family and truly been blessed by those around me. It would be impossible to mention everyone and everything, but know that each time my *heart fluttered*

No matter how horrible things may seem, there are always bright stars shining all around.

Happy New Year and may 2015 be filled with bright stars and *heart flutters* all around you!

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  1. You made me cry! This second half of the year is going to be so hard. Thank goodness for social media and coffee shops. I love you, my dear friend!