Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Remember the Christmas We...

This last week during writing I wrote a story about a memorable holiday and we wrote about the Christmas where Molly and I opened all the presents without our parents. Here's what we wrote:

Christmas is a very memorable holiday for many people. One Christmas stands out to my family and my that most. I was eight years old, and my sister, Molly, was five years old. Our house was decorated with all the Christmas decorations a little kid could imagine, and we couldn't wait for Santa to arrive bearing presents.
We put out cookies and mile for Santa to munch on when he arrived and went to bed. I was so excited I almost exploded with anticipation! Finally, I fell asleep and dreamed of polar bears, Santa and presents galore.
Around four o'clock in the morning, Molly came into my room and woke me up. Santa had come! We quickly ran to the living room to explore the Winter Wonderland of Presents! Once we looked at everything, we ventured into our parents' room to see if we could open presents yet. They said that it was too early and that we needed to go back to bed. Molly and I misunderstood and thought they said we could go ahead and open them. (Go back to bed, go ahead, you hear it too right?)
So we did. In probably three minutes flat. My parents were so disappointed that they didn't get to see our joy when opening the gifts that were so carefully wrapped in love. I don't remember them being mad exactly, but we never did it again.

We laugh about it now and it still comes up every Christmas.

I enjoyed writing this essay with the students and getting their help. I can't wait to read their holiday stories this week!

Have you ever done this as a child or had one of your children do this?

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