Monday, May 13, 2013

Back in Time

I want one!
I have often stated that I was born into the wrong era. Don't get me wrong, I love me some current helpful inventions; bathrooms, running water, DVR, Ipod, etc. But I love the romantic feeling of older times. My favorite genre for reading is historical fiction and it makes my *heart flutter*
Today we went on our last field trip for the year and found ourselves at an outdoor museum with several different buildings. I enjoyed listening to the kids make connections to what they learned in Social Studies to what they were seeing.
The pictures I took were some of the things that made my *heart flutter* and got my imagination going.

How does one get up on such a bike?

The kids could pan for "gold" and keep three of the pieces they found. Who knew that such an activity would occupy 38 fourth graders so well!
I LOVE these old mailboxes!



  1. The mail boxes are really neat! are the two larger knobs the locks?

    1. I think the two larger knobs are the code dials and then smaller one is what you slide over to unlock it? Not sure. I didn't try them out.

    2. makes the post office box keys seem so boring! but less of a hassle to change i suppose. :-)

  2. I also enjoy a good flash back to how things use to be. I have wondered the same thing regarding the bike.

  3. I had a mailbox in Granby with a knob to turn for the combination to open the door! I even remember the box number, 891, but not the letters to open it. That was the beginning of my teaching career, and now I'm almost finished. 39 years~long enough.♥♫