Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spreading Love

As I mentioned yesterday my sister sent my class a letter in response to their letter to her. In the letter was a little something for me too! OH my! What a *heart flutter* that was! She had come up with a list of 30 reasons she loved that I was her sister. I will share a few with you. (They are all so good, but you wouldn't understand all of them.)

  • You only like to ride on one side of the car
  • You taught me naughty words in sign language
  • You smell good
  • You save stuff on your DVR for me
  • You push me to embrace my  inner artist
  • You help me find my successes
  • You call me "Erin Molly"

I have read over this list numerous times today and my *heart flutters* every time I read it! I even shared it with a few of my students who are kindred spirits.

My students loved getting a response in the mail and felt special also. It just goes to show that even a small task can make a world of difference!

*Heart Flutter* number two for the day. We had our field trip today and while walking along with one of my students she said to me, "Ms. Wilson, I know why you planned this field trip today. You aren't grumpy on Thursdays!" Oh how scary it is how much they notice and listen to me! Thursday's are usually a pretty good day for me and it was neat how she had noticed that or listened when it was talked about over the year.

Challenge: Make a list for someone special in your life and give it to them. You will be surprised at the impact it will make!


  1. I am going to do this for a few people I think. I started with Atlas which was very cleansing and helped remind me about all the good times and not just of the void in my heart and home.

    1. Atlas was such a sweet dog! I loved how he loved on people. I am glad that you were able to give him so much love. Love you Ali and your sweet heart towards animals!