Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Special Delivery

Today my projects were delivered! I had to do some rearranging and my living room is still a mess, but I am one happy person!

AND the magnetic paint did work once I tried smaller magnets.
I keep forgetting how big this pallet is! Might have to do some more rearranging! I put some of my favorite books and my Willow Tree figures.

I am one happy person!

P.S I finally got rid of my old, broken recliner and may be in the market for a new chair soon. I big, comfy cozy one that is good for curling up and reading in!


  1. So cool! Both projects look amazing. Great job!

  2. You probably just missed the good sales this weekend for chairs. Everything looks so nice.

  3. Looks so much better in your living room than in the shed!♥♫