Monday, August 5, 2013

Friend·ship - the state of being friends

“Sometimes,' said Pooh, 'the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”  
-A.A. Milne
My smallest "things" are two of my youngest friends. True kindred spirits and life long friends.
When I started teaching, I never thought about actually becoming friends with my students. I am pretty sure that this concept is probably frowned upon. Good news for me, they aren't my students anymore! I also never would have thought about having such a good friend that was 15-20 years younger than me either.
I realized that age really has nothing to do with friendship.
My team teacher and good friend, Kris, and I are about 20 years apart and I am not sure if we could get along any better. The age difference between Kris and myself is the same difference between Bre, Abby and myself. So who says I have to wait until these girls are 30 to become their friend?
The point of this post is to share how these two girls have filled my heart with flutters the past week.
The other day Abby and I had our annual August date. The past two years we have gone to the county fair for her to show me her projects but this year we decided to shake it up. We had ourselves a craft date and it was outstanding! I showed her a list of projects that I needed to get done and let her pick which one. We ate mac and cheese (always better shared) and decorated our notebooks for school. We also spent a little time working in my classroom (would have spent more time there to Abby's liking but had to go move the water on the lawn.)
Bre helped me with my classroom today. It isn't any secret that I have been slightly freaking out about being ready in time for school to start. With the ceiling caving in and my room being cleaned again I feared it wouldn't get finished in time. Bre's mom is our new secretary at the school so it worked out well for Bre to come and help me. What makes Bre the perfect candidate to help me is that she was in my class last year and she helped me pack it all up at the end of the year. I could just hand her something to do and she knew where and how I wanted it. Thankfully she had two other little helpers with her also. Oh how much we got done today! When I wanted a break and a snack, they wouldn't let me, they wanted to keep going! I wouldn't have gotten as much done today without them, both because they helped, but also kept me going!
Both girls touch my heart in different ways. I have known both of them for about the same amount of time (going on eight years)  and have gotten to know their families as well. We share some of the same interests and just enjoy each other. I have learned so much for them in their young lives, and am grateful for their friendship.
 I know that no matter where life takes us, and no matter our age, we will have a special bond. Strengthened by time, books, hot drinks to put our hands around, fun words and memories.


  1. Nothing finer than friends, young or O.L.D.♥♫

    1. You are wrong, nothing is better than an O.M.M

  2. Love your stories but particularly liked this one...but then maybe I'm a little prejudiced! You have a wonderful way of conveying what's on your heart Sarah!!

    1. Well thank you! What's funny about you saying that is the fact that when I was finished writing it, I thought that I didn't do a very good job of conveying what I really wanted to say about these girls. So it is nice to know that the message truly did get out! Thanks again for reading and commenting!

    2. Friends of any age are a blessing. Glad you are so blessed. I enjoyed this blog too.