Friday, February 7, 2014

*Heart Flutters* in the Midst of Freezing Temps

It has been miserably cold this week and we have been inside all week. Hopefully next week will be warmer and we can at least go outside for recess.

Here are a few things from this week that made my *heart flutter*

One of my friend's dear sweet daughter came and brought this to me this morning. I saw that she had been painting with her grandma recently, but had no idea that she was painting for me! My favorite little guy on a cute little canvas. I have it proudly displayed in my classroom!

One of our maintenance men at school always has a good attitude and he makes me smile. He is often whistling as he goes along. One time I was leaving school and he was working in one of the bathrooms and whistling away. The tune sounded familiar and it took me a moment, but I realized he was whistling AC/DC! How cool is that?! Anyway, today when I was leaving I ran into him and asked him how he was doing and his response was, "Better than some people."

I don't know why, but I love it when he responds this way. He knows that there are people who have it worse than whatever could have possibly gone wrong for him that day. I try to have this attitude. It can always be worse.

I got a sweet email from Kerith over at Brielle and Me. It amazes me how you can really connect with someone that you have never met or spoken to. Kerith lives in Georgia and I "met" her through a blogging group that I don't even know how I found anymore and I now truly consider her my friend. I hope to meet her and her family that I have read so much about some day. Also, she is about to release a book she wrote and I. CAN'T. WAIT. TO. READ. IT!

Here is a blip from one of the emails we exchanged this week:

"I hear ya. Sending hugs and wishing we could split a bottle of wine...or two...or...."

Wine, my kind of girl!

Friday Breakfast Burritos with my sassy teaching partner, Kris. Every week we reward ourselves for making it through another week with a breakfast burrito and a frappuccino  from the local gas station. This makes us super happy!
I promise we don't dress the same on purpose, it just happens...often.

And finally, today I finished renewing my teaching license and I swear they want your first born child. By the end I was a little frustrated and irritated at the whole process. So when my students came into the room from P.E/Music I told them that they better appreciate me since I had to go through so much to be their teacher (all in my fake angry voice.) I then went on to tell them what I was doing and why. One boy (who has been known to be a little wild and crazy) looked at me and asked,
"Is there anything we can do to help you?" It just came at the perfect time and reminded me why I was renewing my license in the first place.
How has your week been? What has gotten you through?

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  1. Awww... Glad to be a *heart flutter*! So very glad we met!! And I really wish we could have that drink!! :)