Tuesday, February 4, 2014

TTT~ Books That Make Me Cry

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Yea! A Tuesday that I want to participate in! It is a super cold and windy Tuesday but I am cuddled up on the couch under a blanket.

Do you like sad books or do you stay away from them? I tend to stay away from them, but have read a few that have stuck with me and made me reach for the tissue. Here are ten books that have made me cry:

I read this book to my students every year and every year I cry. A lot. I was even crying when my principal made a walk through. Every year my past students ask me if I am still reading it to my class and if I still cry. Always.

Pretty sure that I started crying in chapter two and didn't stop until the end. I would read a chapter cry like I had never cried before, go and calm down (cleaning or something) then go and pick the book up again and start all over again. I have never felt the way I felt with this book with any other book before. I felt as if the character's pain was my pain. I even wrote Karen Kingsbury a letter telling her how well she did her job!

Ok really, any book with a dog on the cover ends up being sad.

I can't remember if I fully cried on this one or not, but I know I sure wanted to. Every teacher should read this book and no child should ever have to endure this.

If you have seen the movie and cried, multiply it by three and you have the book!

This book started my love for Charles Martin. 

After my step-mom passed away, I decided to only read children's books  because they were safe. I was wrong. 

Again, if you saw the movie, book was the same. I didn't think I was going to cry since I knew the ending, nope, wrong again.

I knew nothing about this book other than it was the second one to The Notebook (which I didn't like.) I don't even know why I cried, I just did. I couldn't really relate to what happened to the characters. It is a mystery.

What book(s) makes you cry?


  1. Thanks for stopping my blog. This "genre," books that make me cry, is my favorite! I loved Ever After and Karen Kingsbury! I will never look at green army the same!

  2. I also cried in Where The Red Fern Grows and A Single Shard