Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunrise, Sleeping and Suds

No Monday Morning Blues for this teacher today! We got President's Day off (which I never got as a kid) and I am taking full advantage of the day.

Yesterday was a slightly hectic day here. I started the day out watching the sunrise.

My next house will have east facing windows! I loved this moment about my day. Only thing that would have made it better would have been a fire in the fire place.

Next, I got to rock this sweet little one to sleep while singing "Beauty and the Beast" to her.

At this point you are wondering what has been so hectic about my day. Well that is next.

The dogs felt that they were going to be hawk hunters yesterday and took off after one into the pond and the burr bushes. This meant that a bath and possible hair cut were in their futures. You can read about my last adventure with this pond here.

After I allowed them to dry off on their own for a little bit, we cleaned up Oscar (the little dog) and that wasn't too bad, but then when I went to clean up Hobbs (the big dog) he smelled like gasoline. Where in the world did he drench himself in gas?

So that meant another bath. It was harder to get him into the tub and took two of us, but in he went. He was not a happy dog, but he stood there and let me wash him with Dawn, but as soon as I was finished, he was out of there!

After he dried a little bit, I realized that Dawn did not work (maybe it is only good with oil spill animals, not gas animals.) I tried to find some info on-line and it was time for bath number two for Hobbs, this time using laundry soap.

He was even more unhappy now.

Yes, he has his nose in the corner so he doesn't have to look at me.
Thankfully this worked a little bit, but not completely. It helped enough that he could be in the house and not gas us out. I have a few other ideas that I am going to try, and try not to make him go back into the tub again. If  make him go into the tub again we might not have a relationship anymore.

Now I sit on this glorious Monday afternoon looking at the giant stack of papers sitting next to me and wondering if I should be responsible or not. What I want to do is go and finish this book so  can be finished with it and move on to something a little more exciting and less whiny, sorry Meg Cabot.

Did you get today off? What are you doing with it?

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  1. Not as much fun for me as you seem to be having. Took my mom to the dentist where she had one cavity filled and another tooth pulled out. Just one of her trips out of the house for 2014. I'm sure there will be another trip (to the doctor) in the future. Then I remembered to get my cookie sheet at church that had been filled with brownies for the Youth Group's supper. NONE left over.♥♫