Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday Scribbles

I love lazy slow Saturday mornings. Do I have lots to do? Yes. Do I have a time frame? Yes. Am I in a hurry? Not at all.

Today starts my three week long house sitting gig at The Ranch. I will be living with two furry guys who like to cuddle and go on long walks. I am one lucky girl!

Yesterday, as everyone knows, was Valentine's Day and I enjoyed myself. I was showered by love from my students and can't wait to read all the cards that they gave me. I even got some from students that aren't in my class. The best part of the day was when the Voices from the high school came to deliver singing Valentine's to some of our students, they decided to do an impromptu song for Kris and I! I LOVED IT!! They did such a good job! I bought myself the album that has this song on it for my gift for Valentine's Day. Again, one lucky girl!

Yesterday was also my monthly RAOK day. This month it was a tad easier since it fell on Valentine's day and there are lots of ideas for such a holiday to do for people. More on this to come when I can get my pictures rounded up.

Ok, I have procrastinated enough. Maybe tonight  can get my RAOK post up and running.

Happy Saturday adventurous ones!

What is your favorite type of Saturday morning?


  1. some Saturday's I fell like the Saturday Guy on the top picture

  2. Some Saturday's I feel like the Saturday Guy on the top picture