Friday, February 28, 2014

February Sweet Summer Fling Update

February is over....already. For such a short month, it really was a long one. March could fly by since it will be a very busy one. Hopefully it isn't too busy to get some reading completed.

Here is my Sweet Summer Fling 2014 recap.
I only got two books crossed off of my list, which is one less then I calculated to finish in time.
I wanted to adore this book since I adore Anne, but it was hard to get through. There were parts that I liked and where Anne shined through. This makes me worried about the last two of the series, but I will read them.
This is the third book of Meg Cabot's "Boy" series. I like these books because they are written in email, letters, notes, and IM messages. It makes for a quick read and since I too like to write these myself, I enjoy it. This one was also a little harder to get through. Predictable and but by the end, the boy gets the girl and we learn that every boy has a heart somewhere.

I did get a few children's books in and truth be told, I enjoyed them more. I also read a book for book club.
Book club choice
3 stars
Newest Newbery Medal winner
4 stars
2 stars
4 stars

What did you read this month?


  1. I need to find my book and read it for Book Club!!♥♫

  2. I am also reading Flora and Ulysses. It is pretty good so far.

  3. I want to read Flora and Ulysses! I don't think I've finished any books this month. It go in phases. I can knock down a book in a day or two if I'm really into it but so far nothing has caught my fancy. I can't power through a book I'm not into like you. :-) Glad you like 100 dresses. Meg Cabot books are such brain candy. lol

  4. I put The 100 Dresses on my "to buy" list. That one looks right up my alley, for a kid's book!