Sunday, July 7, 2013

Blue Mug

Oh what a Sunday! I found a new *heart flutter* while visiting an old one!

I started out the day at a swim meet supporting some former students. I realized how much I missed this time in my life, both summer swim team and high school swim team.

I miss this more than a fat kid misses chocolate cake.
I had plans to take Titan Ted in to get checked out, but Honda likes to enjoy the Sabbath. So plan B was to explore an "orange sherbet" coffee shop. I found The Blue Mug and found my new little piece of heaven! I. LOVED. THIS. COFFEE SHOP! I loved everything about it.

While reading the website, the first line says,

"Think Frank Sinatra + the smell of fresh roasted coffee + relaxing music + local artists = happiness"
It is like my heart speaking! I did not actually hear Frank Sinatra, but did enjoy the music that was playing. I danced in my seat to songs from the 50's such as "Teenager in Love" and "Jailhouse Rock." Best part, listening to the barista sing along. He and I could be good friends!
I really enjoyed both baristas and how they treated the customers. At one point this little boy came in with his mom and the male barista was so friendly and treated him like he was a super star. I also got to chat with this little guy as he waited for his mom to get her drink.
I got my treats and found a seat and sunk down into an amazingly comfy chair with my book. There were books for people to read, cards and games to play. I took joy in the decorations and atmosphere. Plus you could drink free water out of a mason jar! I dig mason jars!  
Plus a place that has this to share with its coffee consumers, can't be all that bad!
I wish that this coffee shop was in my town and not forty minutes away. I guess that will just make it even more of a treat when I do get to go!
As I was leaving, I found this outside:
Well said!
Do you have a favorite coffee shop?

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