Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What's On Your List?

Recently I joined a blogging group and it has a 31 day challenge to improve your blog. I am loving it! Todays challenge is to write a list post. I love lists! Then I got to thinking about what I would write a list about and all I could think about were other lists I had going. So I decided to do my list post about lists!  (Hee hee, a list about lists!)

Here are a few lists that could be found at any given time on any given write-on-friendly surface:

  • Books to read
    • Does this list ever get smaller?

  • Books I have read
    • people tease me, but you won't be finding me reading the same book twice by accident! (cough Marilyn cough)

  • Groceries
    • on going on the side of the fridge

  • To do list
    • both at home and at school

  • Ideas of things to try
    • usually for school especially this time of year

  • Movies
    • Thanks to Netflix! Not only is this list of ones to watch, but a good way to check if I have watched it or not and how I felt about it

  • Blogs I am following

  • Chores around house
    • sometimes this is the only way I can get stuff done. I mean come one, who doesn't get satisfaction from seeing this: clean bathroom

  • Food diary

  • Things to pack
    • I am going on a trip this weekend and one has to make sure they pack their underpants

  • Book Wish List
    • because there aren't enough unread books on my bookshelves

  • Songs to buy from ITunes
    • I like to use buying songs as rewards, usually for a workout goal, so I have a nice list of wish list songs to work towards

  • People to send snail mail to

  • My favorite list of all time can be found here.
Lists are a big part of life. Even as I am writing this, I am coming up with even more lists that I use and have in my life, especially at school. Even sometimes when I am bored I will make lists that are silly such as: things you find in a bathroom, songs that have one word titles, etc.

Even this challenge probably has a list written on a fast food bag, receipt or junk mail somewhere written by someone!

What are some lists you make?

P.S. If you need help thinking of a list to write, you could write one about how awesome I am! ;0)


  1. Love this! My kids and husband make fun of my lists, but they have gotten us out if a few potential jams!

  2. If i don't have a list I'm lost

  3. I LOVE lists! I NEED lists! I CAN'T FUNCTION without them!!! As for the list of books read, I actually have blank journal with (handmade) alphabetized tabs (and a seperate section for non-fiction)so that it's easy to figure out if I've read it. I list the title, author, month & year I read it, and then a short paragraph describing the plot and what I thought about it. Great way to be able to share suggestions with others and actually have useful information to share about it!

  4. Oh! And what about a list of blog post ideas!! lol

  5. Now I have Summer Lovin' stuck in my head! I have noticed you love lists and always have a little notebook and pen ready for whenever something strikes you as needing to be put down on paper.