Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bucketlist Check Off~ Lunch in Loveland

Ok well it ended up being more like brunch, but food is food right?

I have been so blessed lately with friends who have looked at my bucket list and picked an item to help me check off! My dear friend Erin and her beautiful daughter Maesynn invited me to go to Loveland for the day.

After Erin and Maesynn's chiropractor appointment, we walked over to The Breakfast Club. Many times the thought of going there had crossed several people's minds but never made it. So why not do it now?

I really enjoyed this small town mom and pop place. There were old pictures and advertisements all over the wall and many regulars filling the table. One man seems to have been there enough that the waitress just simply asked if he wanted his regular.

I also liked that there were unique items on the menu along with traditional items. Since my new goal in life is to try out the "orange sherbet" items in life instead of the plain vanilla, I got the Country Benedict. I was not disappointed!

What is Country Benedict you ask? Canadian bacon, poached egg and country gravy over cornbread. I would drive to Loveland right now to eat my weight in it!

Would I go here again? In a heartbeat.
Would I recommend it to a friend? I just wrote a good blog about it, so I guess so!

Thanks Erin for bucket list check off, brunch and helping me find some new clothes for school.

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