Friday, July 5, 2013

Not Make Believe

I. LOVE. SUMMER BREAK! I got up this morning and went on nice long walk with one of my friends that I work with. She came to Fort Morgan and we walked all around town. We ended up at Sonic for a little breakfast.
I. LOVE. SONIC! I have always enjoyed this little spot of heaven and I love the commercials.

I picked this one for several reasons. 1) I had a mango iced tea and 2) a few of my students and I quoted this one during the school year and it made me laugh.

On my walk with Cassie the other day, I got blisters. Sad face. I have had my tennis shoes for two years now, and I guess that means it is time to get new ones. I. HATE. BUYING. NEW TENNIS SHOES. I just hate spending that much money on shoes that may or may not hurt your feet. I had good luck last time I bought shoes, so I crossed my fingers for the next pair.

Today on our way back to the house, our local shoe store was having a sidewalk sale. Gravy Train!  I found a new pair of tennis shoes for half price! They fit! It helped that it was the same brand as my last pair and knew that I liked the brand. Hopefully they truly will work and not hurt my feet.

What do you like to get when you go to Sonic?

What do you not like to shop for?


  1. Yay for new shoes! Sorry about the blisters. :( I haven't been to Sonic for years, but back in the (wild-er college) day, my roommates and I would get cherry lime-ades and add rum. I hate to shop for: bathing suits, undergarments, jeans, dresses, groceries, Jordan (haha just kidding on that last one).

  2. I like the cherry lime aid, nothing fancy. Now you will need to teach me how to add a video. I've never done that!♥♫