Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bucket List Check Off ~ Get Lost at Cheesecake Therapy

Last week I checked several items off of my bucket list but it is taking me awhile to get everything written down. After this one, I have one more to go! I guess this is a good thing right?

This check off is "get lost at Cheesecake Therapy." I didn't exactly get lost but I wanted to. This little gem has to be one of the cutest places I have ever been! Sadly, it is up for sale and may not be in existence much longer. Which is why I made a quick stop before I headed home to make sure that I was able to visit the shop. I wanted to stay there for hours and soak it all in.

The building itself was cute, just a little cottage type house with a lot of outside seating. Inside wasn't any different! Like I said, I could spend hours here!

Worst part of Cheesecake Therapy, deciding what cheesecake to get! I ended up getting the pack of ten and taking five of them to my sister at work with some coffee lovin'.

Oreo, white raspberry, smores, key lime, blueberry and pecan were lucky enough to make it in to our tummies.

I hope that I am able to make it back to Denver and able to spend some time here before it is sold. Even the quick trip was worth it!

Ok, now I need to go eat some cheesecake!


  1. Oh this in Denver? I'm going there next week! I need an Oreo cheesecake!

  2. Those look delicious! And I love the name Cheesecake Therapy!