Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just Do It!

Nike has something going with their logo! I had to yell this to myself this morning.

I posted on Facebook this morning at 4:30 this comment:

Reason #76 that summer break is spectacular: when you wake up at three A.M and can't go back to sleep, no problem! You can take a nap later in the day.
Except the problem comes when that nap comes at about 5:30/6:00 and lasts until ten. Now you may be thinking that this isn't really much of a problem. You are right, except when your goal is to go for a three mile walk in the cool of the morning. So naturally I laid there in the cool, dark, comfy bedroom making excuses as to why I could no longer go for a walk. It being too hot at the top of the list. So I looked at what the temperature was and thought it wasn't too bad and could still go. Sadly I then talked myself out of it again. Finally I told myself to stop making lame excuses and get up and get going! Just do it already!
So I did.
It was warm, but not as warm as I had convinced myself it was. I started my handy GPS workout app and took off! I had full intentions of going the whole three miles, but for safety reasons, I had to cut it short. Even though I didn't make my full goal, I am uber proud of what I did do!
I almost made 2 miles in 30 minutes! I don't know if I have ever done that! If you are wondering why I didn't walk in a nice big square (which was my original plan) I will tell you. There was a squirrel on the corner and I didn't want to walk by him, so I turned and went around the block! So you can picture something like this...but with angry eyes in the little carved out square.
The plan for the rest of the day is to work on finishing my book and then going for a walk this evening to finish out my three mile goal. This time I think I will walk a different route. Another perk for being in Fort Morgan, there are countless routes to take!
Two *heart flutters* from my walk today. One, as I was walking, I noticed this and it made me smile.

And two was towards the end of my walk I walked past a group of adults and a couple kids. Neither myself nor the other adults said anything to each other or even made eye contact, but the very cute little boy went running by me and cheerfully said, "Hola!" It made me smile. Leave it to the children to be the polite and friendly ones! Thanks for humbling me little guy.
Confession time:
No T.V Tuesday is hard during the summer. Even harder while house sitting. At home, I could just go and work on my house projects. While being here, I can't do that as well. Plus the whole "want what you can't have" nonsense. I went all day yesterday not watching any t.v but now that I "can't" today, I want to. Geesh.

What is your goal for the day? Or do you have a confession to make?


  1. Did you take the dogs along? That might extend the time that it takes you to walk and return to the house, though.♥♫

  2. That squirrel picture is hilarious!

    I haven't walked all week! I really gotta get back with it.

    Hope you can watch TV today...check out Pretty Little Liars...addictive!