Friday, July 19, 2013

Bucket List Check Off ~ Picnic with Raspberry Cordial

Check two off the bucket list! Thanks to some dear sweet friends of mine, I was able to check off a picnic at Jackson Lake and have Raspberry Cordial with a kindred spirit. I got to share it with three!

What made this bucket check off list so special to me is how it all came about. My second year of teaching I met the Kopetzky Family when I had their younger daughter, Abby, in my first grade class. I connected with them right away.

An impromptu camping trip to Jackson Lake, September 2008

Now five years later, I have had the joy of having Abby again in my fourth grade class and am looking forward to Laura in my class next year. I have also gotten to know both Steve and Sara during this time.

Earlier this week my phone rang and it was Sara. She informed me that her and the girls wanted to go for a picnic to Jackson and would I like to come along? Well yeah, it's on my bucket list! See, they knew it was on my bucket list.

Plans were made, a picnic was packed and we were headed north. Once I was in the car the girls excitedly told me they had a surprise! They made raspberry cordial for me! Also on my bucket list!

Now, I was not as "rude" as Diana, although I could have drank my weight in this fabulous red tongue tickler.

We had a fabulous time eating our lunch and talking. Even the rain didn't dampen our time or spirit. Since there was water near by we just had to take our shoes off and squish our toes in the sand.

I don't know if I can accurately put into words how much my *heart fluttered* today with the actions of my kindred spirits and their kind hearts. Thank you....


  1. Aww... That is awesome! A day with a kindred spirit is such a treasure. :)

  2. Now, if that sand was red, we could really believe PEI was only a few miles away!♥♫

  3. Laura Kopetzky\ One of herKindred SpiritsFebruary 21, 2014 at 9:29 PM

    Aww I love you even more for blogging about ME!!!