Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bucket List Check Off ~ Lunch with Dad

Love the "Watering Hole" and the mountains in the background

Want a good burger? Want to eat the most delicious soup you have ever had in your life? Well Woody's is your place! Best potato beer cheese soup ever. I could just sit in it like a hot tub with a spoon.

My dad's company works at Coors in Golden and Woody's is a few blocks away, so I added to my bucket list to have lunch with him on his lunch break.

We meet each other at the restaurant and sat outside under the umbrellas eagerly awaiting the opening of the doors. It wasn't hot so it was nice to sit outside and chat.

I always have a hard time choosing what to eat when we go here because there is just so much that makes me happy. This time around I picked a Philly Cheese Steak and sweet potato fries. I couldn't pass up the chance for soup so I splurged and ordered a bowl. Oh happy tummy!

I love spending time with Dad so no matter where we ate, I would have been happy!

When Dad went back to work, I walked around Golden looking at all the little shops that make up downtown. I stumbled across a coffee shop and just had to go in for a spell. Comfy chair, book and coffee? Yes please!

Again this bucket list item wasn't so much of a new thing for me, but an assurance that it happened this summer.

What is a restaurant that you have to visit when you go to another town to visit?

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  1. Love the post! Lunch date with Dad = always special!! As for restaurants that I have to visit....there are many, only because we've moved around so much (six towns in 23 years of marriage). I'm headed to my hometown next week (Champaign, IL), first time in a year. Top of the "have to go" list...Jarling's Custard Cup! It's a little walk up frozen custard place across from a park. It's always pack and always yummy!!