Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Lovin'

Wordy Wednesday is here again and I am gladly participating! Plus today is a lackadaisical kind of day with Titan Ted in surgery and the heat keeping everyone indoors so as not to fry like an egg, so I don't have too much going on to blog about.

How do you know it’s summer, and what does summer mean to you?

Teachers everywhere know it is summer in about April. Once state testing and spring break is over, the students are already headed to summer vacation.

Truth be told, teachers aren't much different than the students, they just know how to handle it better.

What does summer mean to me? This summer I have been asked what I have been doing all summer and I respond with, "Whatever I want!" I have been busy all summer but it has usually been busy on my own terms.

Summer means: sleeping in (although the ol' internal clock often says differently,) taking naps, and catching up on things that were neglected during the school year, which is pretty much EVERYTHING. Oh and reading like nobodies business.

I have very much enjoyed my reading time this summer. I have read at a coffee shop, next to the pool, in the mountains,  in front of the A.C, on my new couch, on the porch swing and even in bed on lazy mornings.

One thing that people don't understand about teachers during the summer is that we are constantly planning. We can't even go shopping without thinking about school and if the item found in the dollar bin could be used for something in the classroom. Yard mine!

I love my job, but I do love the break that I get to rest, relax and plan for the next year.

P.S The song that would accompany this post would be "Summer Lovin'" belted out by the outstanding cast of Grease!


  1. Most kids were "done" with school the end of March this year! All the summer sports for the youth start so early these days and that really contributes to their "school's out" attitude. When Sarah was little, T-ball didn't begin until the end of May. Wish the people in charge would hold off a bit.♥♫

  2. My mom is a teacher and you are SO RIGHT - teachers never stop working! I think my mom's entire garage is filled with things she's collected at the dollar store over the years for school projects.

    Glad you're enjoying your summer and thanks for linking up! :)