Friday, August 16, 2013

My Burning Love

August 16, 1977 in Memphis, TN, Elvis Aaron Presley left the world. I can imagine that if there was Internet back then, he too would have crashed it with news of his death. EVERYONE (born before 1970) seems to remember where they were when this happened and what they were doing.

I on the other hand was not alive either on that day. I didn't come along until the end of 1982. I would have loved to have been alive when Elvis used his pipes to bless eager listening ears all over the world, but sadly, I just get to hear other's stories, watch his old movies and listen to his music on my ipod.

Many people have told me they think it odd that I like Elvis so much when I wasn't even around when he was.  Well I will tell you why.

  • He is "A Big Hunk O' Love"
Have you seen the kid?! He is pretty dreamy!
  • He was in the Army
I don't know what kind of soldier he was, but he is a man in uniform. You know what they say about men in uniforms.

  • He could dance
Even if Forrest Gump taught him how to do it. I mean a guy who can shake his hips like that...

  • He "lights my morning sky"
I can't help singing along and enjoying my day with his songs.

  • He could sing "like a sweet song of a choir"
Almost everyone can name at least one Elvis song.

  • He gives me chills
Have you heard "How Great Thou Art"? Enough said.

  • He is the Kind of Rock and Roll
Who else in music is in both the rock and roll hall of fame and the country hall of fame. He has several number ones (I don't think he holds the record for the most number ones anymore) and he was in numerous movies (even if they weren't very good. Sorry honey, you aren't a very good actor.) Only one other person (that I am aware of) has been given the title of king and that would be George.

So there you have it. A few reasons why I like Elvis. I love that in Lilo and Stich, Lilo loves Elvis also. She must be a kindred spirit!

How about you? Are you old enough to know what you were doing when The King of Rock and Roll fell of the loo?

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