Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Revamped Ideas

I was once again blessed with pairs of little helping hands in my classroom again today, and boy howdy did we get lots done! As Abby exclaimed at the end, "It's starting to look like a real classroom!"

Back in July I posted about the idea of the Reading Graffiti Wall and that I had the dream of implementing it in my class this year. It almost didn't happen! *Gasp* The really cool makers I bought weren't going to work and I was going to have to use white paper. This wasn't much of a problem, but I really liked the idea of the black. Well with some quick thinking and tween obsession with polka dots, Abby helped be fix said problem! Her idea was actually even better than my original idea!

We would still use the black paper, but the students would write their quote on some sort of paper and then tape it on the paper. Abby used the di-cut to make circles out of regular copy paper and we added a colorful border and had complete success!

I like this idea better because it is a unique but also the students will be able to write on the dots easier than on the wall. Also if they make a mistake they can get a new dot and won't be scribbling on the black paper. Plus when it gets filled up, I can take the dots off and we can start over. I think it looks so cool!

We didn't just work all day, we even had time for a little picnic in the classroom!

On a side note, I had two other *heart flutters* today. Twice I had two different gentlemen keep chivalry alive! The first time I was carrying a rather heavy box down the hallway and it was promptly taken from me and taken to my destination. The second was while picking up lunch we were walking towards the door at the same time as another gentleman and he picked up his pace so he could get to the door before us and hold it. Of course I said thank you and he responded with a very friendly "have an amazing day." I exclaimed on the way to the car that chivalry was still alive and sadly Abby asked what chivalry even was. (She didn't seem all that impressed when I explained.) It just made me happy. Aren't nice people cool?

Here's to revamped ideas, creative juices and kind gentlemen sirs!


  1. Cool wall! And good to be reminded that chivalry isn't dead! :)

  2. Can I come join your class this year? You sound like a fun teacher!

  3. Gosh, people in Wiggins sure are nice! );