Thursday, August 8, 2013

Reading RAOK

I can not understand why my RAOKs don't always go as planned! I suppose it adds a little bit more of a challenge.

Today I did this RAOK for a friend from high school to honor her on her 8th wedding anniversary (married on 8/8 and this year is their cool is that?!)

I met Trina our freshman year when her class from Crawford came down to Hotchkiss to go to high school. We also worked at the pool together for a few summers and this is where I really got to know Trina and fall in love with the person that she is.

Trina has such a beautiful heart and love for life. I very much enjoy following her goings on with her family and uber cute children! She is an amazing mom and loves her children with her whole heart.

Amazing pictures taken by Trina's SIL. Check out her website at

For my RAOK I wanted to hide a little something in a book. I choose this because while working at the pool when I was sitting at the front desk reading and she was on her break from guarding, I would read to her from whatever book I was reading. We read parts of the Left Behind Series and also explored "Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson #1) by Louise Rennison. So I planned to put my little something in Angus since that book just makes me giggle.

So I made my little something and headed to the library.

Here is where things start to "fall apart," I can't find Angus! I look all around the young adult section and it isn't there. So I hop on the card catalogue and it is no longer even at the library anymore! Strike one.

Ok, no big deal, just find another funny book. "Matilda!" Strike two! It was checked out. Which I shouldn't complain about because some child somewhere is really enjoying a good book!

Now what am I going to do? I see tons of great books I can hide it in, but they aren't funny and since I added my P.S I had to find a funny book.

So I found "A Long Way From Chicago" by Richard Peck. Success!


I don't know how popular this book is (it should be read by everyone in my opinion) so I don't know how long it will take for it to be discovered. It will be fun to see if it is still there or not next time I go to the library.

Happy anniversary Adam and Trina!     


  1. I hope some lucky kid or adult finds it soon! did you include your blog addie or wanting to be anon?

    1. I did not this time. I thought about it, but for some reason decided not to. Tim and Em left a letter in a book in a library in another town once and they had a way to contact them and then they met up, which I thought was cool. What do you think, should I include it next time?

  2. Made me smile. I have nothing but fond memories of our long hours at the pool. You are a great friend Sarah, I miss you.

  3. Love this ROAK! But...Your first sentence in this post strikes me as interesting.

    "I don't understand why my ROAKs don't always go as planned."

    Hmmm.... RANDOM-AOK...."PLANNED".... They naturally go a little against one another, don't they? ROAKs don't have to be spontaneous, but... Maybe follow a more spontaneous muse and let them naturally happen? Just a thought!

    Again, LOVE this RAOK! Great idea I might have to steal!

    1. You are right, it does sound silly. The reason I wanted this one so planned was because I was honoring Trina and wanted to do the book that we read together. If it hadn't been for that, then I would have been more laid back.
      Next one will be all "no planning!"