Sunday, August 18, 2013

RAOK Reversed

I am so excited! I was on the receiving end of a RAOK today! I was so sappy and happy about it, my eyes reacted they way they do during the national anthem, Visa Olympic commercials and the end of Cool Runnings.

The call of coffee was strong and I had to heed it, so I made my way to the nearest Starbucks drive-thru. Who knew that the same call came to fifty other people at the same time. There was a race to get a place in line and each person inching closer and closer to edge out the next person. I sat patiently and waited my turn. Patience does pay off!

Finally I made my way to the order box, placed my order and continued to inch my way to liquid heaven. The window opened, the fun barista handed me my cold cup of Joe and I went to hand him my gift card. I was then informed that the gentleman at the counter inside wanted to pay for my order! Epic *heart flutter* All of the baristas were confused and one of them even asked me if I knew the guy. I told her not that I knew of and she thought that was weird. I on the other hand was having a hard time containing myself!

I smiled the rest of the way home and still hours later am reaping the benefits of a strangers kindness.

Not only did I get free coffee, but I got a lesson in how others feel when I am honored with the chance to bless them! Best part about the weekend by far!

What was a *heart flutter* for you this weekend?


  1. This is so Cool!!!

  2. How awesome!!! So happy you were on the receiving end for once!

    *Heart Flutters* for this weekend -- seeing my girls together at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens (ages 19 and 17 - younger one has moderate cerebral palsy). Fun stuff even in the rain!