Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Book Meet

Today, the Book Meet Club was born!

When school ended, I knew that one thing I was going to miss was talking books with my students. When I finished reading my first children's book this summer, it made me miss them because I wanted to talk to someone about it. Today I got my chance.

Shortly after school ended a parent approached me and told me that her son wanted to do a summer book club with me. Since I too had the same thought but wasn't ready to act upon it, I figured it was fate. So I picked the three kids from my class that I was friends with their parents on Facebook and sent a message. A date was picked and a plan was made!

We met at a local restaurant armed and ready with book conversations. Since the  students are told what to read all school year, I figured I wasn't going to assign them a certain book to read and also we wouldn't have the drama of finding a copy of a book for each child. We were just going to come to the book meet and talk about what we had or were reading. You can read here about how I did something similar during the school year, but this time we weren't going to do any projects to go with the books.

For the first meeting we had two fourth graders, a seventh grader and me. I am going to share what each of us read and reported on.

Reread Holes by Louis Sacher since she didn't remember it when she read it in fourth grade and is currently reading Fault in Our Stars by John Green


The Missing Golden Ticket and Other Splendiferous Secrets by Roald Dahl and is currently reading Pickle by Kim Baker.

Dalen needs to go to the library or a book store. He claims he has read all of the books he owns at least three times! He reread Dead City by James Ponti but hopes to find some new reading material soon. 

Ms. Wilson
I read Doll Bones by Holly Black and I Funny by James Patterson. I hope to start some of the Winnie-the-Pooh books here soon.

The Book Meet was a great success and a date for the second one has been set. So if you are in the Wiggins area on the 16th of July, stop on by and have a book chat with us!

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