Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Guest *Heart Flutters*

I don't know why I don't think of doing guest *heart flutters* more often! I mean it gives me material for my blog, and it gives others the chance to practice their writing and share their hearts.

Dawnelle is a new friend in my life, but has become a fast friend. We work together at the school and she has been a huge help to me in many areas of my life. From grading papers for me, helping me with my house and feeding me more than she should. I have enjoyed her friendship and was very excited when she sent me a text this morning saying she had a *heart flutter*

Without further ado here is Dawnelle's *heart flutter*

Oh, what a beautiful Tuesday morning; I had been awoken by my darling 4 year old son saying good morning mommy and greeted by the laughter of my two young nephews. We made our usual routine of breakfast, dressing, my cup of coffee, gathering our school bag and brushing our teeth, said our goodbyes to the boys and Aunt Sydney and made our way to preschool. I dropped Keason off and was greeted with many other smiles and good mornings from the lively group of summer preschool goers. As I headed home, I received a text from a dear friend that no longer lives in the area asking if we could have lunch, which meant her car was being serviced at the local Toyota Dealership and she could use some company; which I was more than excited except I had already planned on going to Greeley to run some last minute errands before our busy week and family vacation. I was bummed at first, but after a few minutes of back and forth messaging I found she was on her way and would be in town shortly, and would like to go to Greeley to run my errands with me.
Overjoyed, I quickly gathered what I needed and headed for the door, I was going to meet her in Fort Morgan and needed to gas the car. As I inserted the pump into my car, a gentleman walked over to my car with the windshield washer doo-dad and said “Let me clean your windshield for you real quick, ma'am.” I was very taken by this man and his generosity and kindness in wanting to clean my windshield. I even stumbled over my words at first, saying “oh, please don’t, you don’t have to” he paused and looked at me with confusion but continues. I then picked up with my gratitude and got my tongue straight to say, “Thank you that is very kind of you to do that.” He smiled and returned, “Well call it my good deed for the day”. We of course made a bit more small chat before saying our goodbyes and both making our way on with our day. To say this gentleman’s kindness gave me *Heart Flutters* is a slight understatement. His kindness forced me to realize how wonderful our world still is, and that there are truly wonderful people out there. My cup ran over today with joy, kindness, gratitude and pure happiness.

Thank you Dawnelle. It truly is all about the small things in life.

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