Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Naps Are Boring

"So....are you going to take a nap today?" I ask the four year old sitting across the table from me.
"Nope. Naps are boring," he answers grabbing another chicken nugget off of his plate. I look at him dumbfounded. If he only knew how delectable naps really were.
"I would have to disagree with you on that one bud."
"I am not going to take a nap!" he lets me know the discussion is now closed.
 I shake my head and finish my burrito. I was hoping that he would take a nap so I could get a little cat nap in. Wasn't looking promising. Four year old 1, Sarah 0

Fast forward about thirty minutes later.

"I will help you sweep your garage," he exclaims grabbing the snow shovel. I look at him confused, but let him do his thing. Oh yes, the snow shovel is now a dust pan! I sweep up small piles of months worth of sand and then into the waiting "dust pan." I decided that I will try again on the nap issue.
"You still standing strong on not taking a nap?"
"I am not taking a nap," he nonchalantly answers as he walks out of the garage to dump the dirt. I sigh and continue to sweep. Four year old 2, Sarah 0

Fast forward another thirty minutes later and a cleaner garage.

"What would you like to watch?" I ask as we sit down on the couch.
"Looney Tunes!"
I flip through hundreds of channels looking for one kid friendly channel. Of course I am going too slow for his taste. "Why are you taking so long?" he snaps.
"Don't you be sassy with me, or I will turn on music and we will take a nap!"
"I am not going to take a nap, naps are boring." Four year old 3, Sarah still 0.
"There, not Looney Tunes, but still fun."
"I am going to cuddle with you!" he grumps at me flopping down next to me. He squawks at me because my legs are in the wrong place for him to fit comfortably into. He gets settled and leans his head on my shoulder. I have little interest in whatever children's show I found, so I open my current book.

Fast forward about fifteen minutes.

Four year old 3, Sarah Nap Success!


  1. This post made me remember a game my mom used to play with me. We would lie on the bed together and see who could go the longest without speaking. I always succumbed to sleep rather than speech. She won every time! I love the way you told this slice with the scoreboard.

    1. Isn't it funny how little kids fall for their parents "games"? Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Oh this brings back so many memories. Now, my 21 year old college student LOVES naps, especially after she works her 5:30 am shift! I hope you were able to get some down-time too!

  3. Great story telling! Naps are for all ages; sometimes they must sneak up on the "napper"! <3