Monday, June 2, 2014

Sarah In Sara(h)toga

Hello from Windy Wyoming! I have finally been able to travel to visit my dear friends Jane and Henry. They moved to WY about a month ago and have finally settled in enough for some visitors.

So Garth and I loaded up Titan Ted with gas and headed down the road.

We were like fourth grade girls the closer we got. Little did we know, Jane, Henry and the dogs were just as excited to see us and were waiting in the drive way for us!

We chowed down on  hamburgers and floats outside until the sky filled with electricity and water.

So we played a rowdy game of dominoes until the mantel clock chimed one time.

Then I got to cuddle with this little guy. I didn't realize how much I missed him until we got here.

The next morning we were spoiled with waffles and some of the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted. 

Once we were satisfied we went for a drive to explore the area. Hobbs was a good little companion.

We stopped to look at the VERY full North Platte River and threw some rocks in. This one caught our eye since it was shaped like a heart.

I played Hey Cow

Garth showed off his rock skipping skills. This isn't even the river, it is a part that has flooded. 

We also spent some time looking for shapes in the clouds.

It was a lovely day filled with *heart flutters* all over the place. I took lots of pictures to document the day, but to also play around with my photography and picture editing skills. I am pleased with what came out of it!


  1. How fun! Jane and Henry are the best hosts ever!

    1. That they are! We will have to plan a trip to come up here and you can see for yourself!