Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fountain Valley Trail....Check

I can check off another item off of my bucket list...I mean Adventure List! It was a major one for me too! I went hiking! Now, I know that doesn't sound too major, but since I haven't done much moving since April it was fantastic! I was worried about my back and how much I was going to be able to do, but I was able to do the whole hike and am still able to move today!! Praise sweet Jesus!

I am HORRIBLE at taking selfies. My sister asked why I looked
so terrified when I was excited to go hiking. *sad face*
Kris, Tracy, Carol and I headed on this adventure early in the morning, which was good, because it took us longer to get to the trail than we thought it would. That's the bad part of living so far out on the plains that it takes while to get to a mountain. We went to Roxborough State Park and did the Fountain Valley Trail.

It was a perfect day to go on a hike! Blue skies, a little bit of cloud cover and there weren't too many people there. Although towards the end there were a few groups of kids and we all four decided that we weren't ready to go back to school yet!

We headed down the trail and probably the first ten steps, the smallest fawn I had ever seen walked across the path right in front of us! I have seen fawns with spots before, but they were much bigger than this little guy. He was so small. I have seen kids and dogs bigger than he was!

This is the best picture I could get of him. I wasn't even sure if he was in the picture until I cropped it and found him. You can barely see his spots. We were a little worried and curious about where mom was at. I kept thinking we were going to reenact the scene in Tommy Boy when the buck wakes up in the car. She never came charging out of the bushes so we were good!

I am sure this one has a name, but I don't know it,
but it looks like George Washington laying down.
The nice lady at the visitor center told us about it.
She showed us a picture of it, but I didn't really see it.
I see it now though!
It was great to get out in the outdoors and to spend time with friends. The conversations, beer and burgers we had afterwards were amazing. I would recommend this hike and would do it again. It was perfect for someone who is slightly broken and is lots out of shape!

Can't wait to get out to the next hike!

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